Thursday, 8 January 2015

BoB12: Day 3 updates!

Stats day 3:
Books read: 0.3
Pages read: 100
Time spent reading: 2 hours
Social? Nah.

Book I've been reading? Råta by Siri Pettersen, which is a Norwegian YA fantasy novel (#2 in trilogy) and it's damn good. If this gets a translation to English I'll force you all to buy it.

I did not read as much as I wanted to, but I cleaned a kitchen cabinet, went for a walk, watched the first episode of Broadchurch (series 2), changed ink in my printer and printed printables for my notebook because why not? Also got a new router so no my Internet runs as fast as we pay it to do! All in all a good day even though I have the sadz.

Stats total
Books read: 1.3
Pages read: 389
Time spent reading: 9 hours
Social aspect: Some, but not much.
Other goals achieved: Part of series.

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