Sunday, 1 May 2016

Taleathon 2016: 6-8 May!

Last year, the first weekend of May we ran our little readathon. It had a grand total of 2 participants (you guessed it, they were both us). There are no prizes, no competition, no rules, no requirements to participate outside "read something". The idea is just to read more than you would normally, but we have a few challenges if you (like us) like to check things off a list to feel like your are making progress!

We want you to finish that book you've been reading forever, but keep putting down for other things, try a new genre or a new format, broaden your reading life a little bit, try a new author, and move outside your comfort zone a little bit!

Entirely optional challenges:

Read a graphic novel or comic (The first Saturday of May is "Free Comic Book Day", so we encourage you to read one then!)
Read something translated
Read something by an author who is not European or from North America.
Read something by a LGBTQIA+ author
Read a different text type/format than you normally read (ie. if you read novels normally you might try a poem, short story, essay or non-fiction of some kind).

We want to challenge ourselves to read more, more stories, more diversely, more types of writing. If you want to count what you're reading then we recommend counting works, so that a poem and a novel are equal and/or time spent, but really you can count however you want.

We will be present here on the blog and on our twitter account, where we will be using the hashtag #Taleathon because why not? Feel free to use it too and keep us from talking to ourselves all the time! Our twitter:

We're GMT +2 hours (Central European Summer Time be damned!) and will start reading at 12:00 (noon!) May 6, and end at 23:59 May 8, but you are welcome to start according to your timezone.