Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Kiwie's TBR#10: November, or the one where two becomes three

Long time no see! I'm back with a very belated TBR... I blame everything on NaNoWriMo. Everything. We're reading Caitlin Doughty's Smoke Gets in Your Eyes & Other Stories from the Creamatorium this month, and let me tell you: It is brilliant. But over to the horror that is my physical TBR piles. I added one. There was a second hand book market. We got 28 books for the price of three new hardcovers (in Norway anyway, I'd get more from say, the book depository). Most of those were not for me though, I only got a few, but lets cut to the chase:

I know, and there will be more books to come. I'm waiting for Foxglove Summer (affiliate link) by Ben Aaronovitch to arrive (The newest in the Peter Grant series), and then there is Christmas coming up and I'll be getting at least two new books then. Send help, I'm in desperate need of rehab!

I've also abandoned the immediate TBR pile for three reasons a) NaNoWriMo, I just won't be reading normally this month b) I've already hit my reading goal for the year which was the point of the immediate TBR anyway c) I don't really know what I want to read. I am being super indecisive about it, and I won't stick to any TBR I make anyway, so why spend time making it? I'll only feel guilty about something that doesn't matter!