Monday, 18 August 2014

BoB11: Day 1 update

The stats:

Time spent reading: 2 hours
Pages read: 196
Books read: 0.5

Social: Did the Bout of Books Scavenger hunt, hostes at, that was a fun challenge. Then I participated in the twitter chat & that was fun and dizzying (My head was spinning for a while there), and my wishlist grew a mile.

What I read today:

Mockingbird (Miriam Black, #2)I was in the middle of Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig and read the second half of that. Great book, dark, foul mouthed, violent and with a little lesson or two in there if you're paying attention. Miriam Black is a really unlikable and unreliable main character and I absolutely love her, I don't like her much, but I do love her. Probably not recommended for younger readers though, as this is dark adult urban fantasy and all, and Miriam Black is one fucked up heroine (but a great one). This series gets a bonus for really cool cover art too. I like just having them on my shelf. I'll be reading the third one soon I think.

 Today I've had a lot of fun & I did not fall behind on my goals. Yay!
- Kristine


  1. Mockingbird was a fun, weird book. (Although I accidentally read it without knowing it was a series... oops). Have fun with Bout of Books this week!

    1. It was, and it really isn't necessary to have read the previous one to get it (it adds to the story sure,but everything is still explained).