Thursday, 6 March 2014

Kiwie's TBR Pile #2: March

I was so optimistic last month, and I have read a lot, just not that much from The Pile (I should trademark that). I have not finished A Game of Thrones, I have about 150 pages left, but I needed a bit of a break (I have a hard time finishing books, and well, this project is helping me a lot, but sometime's I just can't). I finished To Kill a Mockingbird (amazing!) and Eleanor & Park (I liked this a lot too, but it hasn't stuck with me really), plus the audible edition of Divergent (It was fun and enjoyable despite some annoyances). So there was plenty of reading done. I just couldn't finish that 700-page monster in time.

Then I went to the library, and guess what they had? A shelf of free books. To take home and keep and love. I went there with my mom and we picked them together and so I won't add them to my pile (since, technically they're not just mine...). They are all Norwegian contemporaries:

I'm not going to rattle on about them, but the top one is an art book (so not that kind of book) and the bottom one I've read before (& liked, and well, IT WAS FREE, and you know, pretty). The others are novels & shorter texsts, some serious, some less so. No YA or fantasy though, so a bit unusual for me, but I have been wanting to check out a few of these.

Now here is what those two giant piles look like this month:

Yeah, didn't I remove TWO books from that last month? Why isn't this shorter now? Well one part is that I added ONE of the books from my recent library haul to it, the other because I got Broken Homes (Peter Grant #4 written by Ben Aaronovitch) in the mail. Didn't break any rules. Free book + next installment in a series. I also read two books from the pile (okay, so I didn't finish one of them yet, BUT I AM WORKING ON IT, and also shouting a lot today it seems). So I'm A-okay, but this pile won't shrink if I keep bringing in and equal amount of new (non-digital) books. I've gone on a "oooh, pretty covers" bender and my pinterest board has only 4 entries so far, but those are series, either by a writer or a publishing house so that could potentially be a lot of books, but I do not have the money for them.

Now to my March TBR pile:
Pile organized after book height, not priority. Finishing A Game of Thrones is first priority. Then I'm either onto Broken Homes or The Evoution of Mara Dyer. I'm so exited about both of those that I might have to toss a coin.

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