Monday, 31 March 2014

April: The Thousand Dollar Tanline (Veronica Mars)

In March we watched the Veronica Mars movie while munching Marshmallows and squealing with reuinion glee. Our favourite characters were back on the screen, could it get better? Why, yes, yes it could: Novelizations! Two of them. We were thrilled to hear that (of course!). When the news came we hurried over to our online bookstores of choice and pre-ordered. Since we're both reading it we thought it would make a nice April pick! A little different from the previous months too. Mine got shipped a couple of days ago and should be here this week. I have a hard time not checking the mailbox whenever I walk past it even though I know I've already checked that day...

The Thousand Dollar Tanline

Author: Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham
Published: March 2014 by Vintage

What's it about:
It's spring break, and Neptune is filled with college students spending the week pretending there is no tomorrow. A girl goes missing. Veronica investigates and finds that the girl went missing from the house of a man with organized crime ties, and her journey into this world connects to Veronica's past. 

Check it out: Goodreads | Bookdepository (adlink)

I'm very unsure about what to expect from this, but I hope that Veronica's snark prevails and that the plot doesn't fall entirely apart. It's always a bit nerve wracking when your favorite characters switch medium!

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