Tuesday, 25 February 2014

March is Doctor Who reading month!

We thought we'd try something different in March, reading novels from the Doctor Who universe, and not the same one! We both love the TV show, and we've both listened to some of the audio-books and we both have some of the novels on our reading list so we thought we might do a themed month this time.

Katastrofekat will be reading The Sleep of Reason

Doctor Who: The Sleep Of ReasonAuthor: Martin Day
Published: 2004

"The latest in a long line of suicide attempts sees Caroline 'Laska' Darnell admitted to the Retreat, a groundbreaking medical center surrounded by woodland. To her horror, she recognizes the Retreat from her recent nightmares of an old building haunted by ghostly dogs with glowing eyes. But who will believe her stories of an evil from the past that has already made one attempt to destroy the building and all its inhabitants? The mysterious Dr. Smith seems curiously aware of the Retreat's past, and is utterly fascinated by Laska's waking dreams and prophetic nightmares. But if Laska is unable to trust her own perceptions, can she trust Dr. Smith?" - Bookdepository

The Eight Doctor, a girl in a mental institution, I mean "medical center", the mixing of past (turn of the century-ish as I understand) and present. This is an interesting premise (if not original), it could all be in Laska's head, or not. I'm sure reality and fantasy will mix, past and present wind itself toward the solution to the mystery of what is going on at the Retreat.

Kiwie will be reading Shada:

Author: Gareth Roberts, Douglas Adams (based off some scripts he wrote)
Published: 2012
"The Doctor's old friend and fellow Time Lord Professor Chronotis has retired to Cambridge University - where nobody will notice if he lives for centuries. But now he needs help from the Doctor, Romana and K9. When he left Gallifrey he took with him a few little souvenirs - most of them are harmless. But one of them is extremely dangerous.
The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey isn't a book for Time Tots. It is one of the Artefacts, dating from the dark days of Rassilon. It must not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. The sinister Skagra most definitely has the wrong hands. He wants the book. He wants to discover the truth behind Shada. And he wants the Doctor's mind..." - Bookdepository

This is about the fourth doctor, and I picked up the book cheaply in an Irish bookstore a two summers ago. I have no idea what to expect, I am not that familiar with the fourth doctor, but I hope this will be an exiting read anyway. I do know about the abandoned scripts that Douglas Adams wrote, that were partially made, but then left behind due to a strike, never to make it onto the screen. The scripts have been published, and there have been audio versions (I think?). Anyway, I only learned about this after having bought the book, which I bought because a) it was cheap b) I wanted to read a Doctor Who story that wasn't a choose-your-own-adventure (Claws of the Macra) nor an audiobook (I do love the ones read by the recent Doctors though!) c) I wanted to know the classic Who Doctors better d) Douglas Adams.

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