Friday, 7 February 2014

All these books I haven't read: The Saga of Kiwie's to be Read Pile(s) #1

What is this? A post not about a specific book or out monthly read? Are we sick? No, just really into books and thought we might expand this blog a little. 

I have a project: 
All those books, those TWO piles are books that I own (or, in two cases, have borrowed from my co-blogger Kat!), but have not yet read. Yeah, that is a lot of books. Some of these I bought a decade ago (I think). So in 2014 I will read as many as I can, but because new & exiting always sneaks ahead of (most of) these, I've made some rules:
  1. Every other book you read have to be from this pile.
  2. You are not allowed to buy new books, unless they are for the monthly cat's tale read, new releases from authors you love, or the next installment in a series (which is why I'm staring at my mailbox, eagerly awaiting a book). 
  3. New books are always added to the pile (unless I tear them open and read them immediately) and not kept separately.
So I'll be reading mostly these, but also books for this blog, new releases (or next installments in series that may not be entirely new, but that I'm reading) and a lot of library books. Libraries are the best. I'm aiming for 4 books a month in 2014 so I should grind this down to one pile by the end of the year. I'll post progress photos!

Immediate TBR:

As you can probably see I've cracked open To Kill a Mockingbird already, next is eleanor&park (which I've checked out of the library, and want to read immediately) and then I'm staring Game of Thrones. Yep. I'm doing it. I've had this lying around since summer and it's not even mine, so I'm getting on that sometime in the next two weeks. Not pictured: Burial Rites by Hannah Kent, our monthly pick, due to the fact that I've got that one as an e-book. So yeah, this is what February's got in store for me. 

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