Sunday, 29 November 2015

Kill your TBR December (challenge + links to other challenges because the more the merrier!)

Hi, my name is Kristine and I'm here to complain about my TBR again. This year I have been trying to read consistently from my physical stash of books  in the TBR challenge, but that did not work out for me. I did well in January and February and after that nothing... Good intentions get us nowhere. I have not been reading much since October either, part slump, part NaNoWriMo insanity, part me feeling meh. So last night I went online and searched for readathons and challenges for December, I know I'm not the only one playing catch up at the end of the year, all those Goodreads  challenges that people will be scrambling to read, and the fact that there isn't much new happening this month in publishing, plus holidays for a lot of people (which could mean more or less time time to read).

There is a myriad of groups to join on Goodreads (of course), like this one: Hooked on Books, which I'm not familiar with (but someone I'm friends with say it's helpful), and they have readathons all the time. Such as 6-13 December, or if you just want a weekend 19-20 December, or a 24 hour one for December 26. So many options in just one group and the tracking seems really easy and no-nonsense (just a post that you update with your stats).  I found some more just browsing the groups (or searching for challenges or readathons), but that one seemed to offer the most while being relatively "calm" it that makes sense. A lot of challenges and rules are fun sometimes, but not what I wanted right now, though if I there is a BookTubeathon coming up I might just join that fun. There is also BookNerdaThon that I just discovered and seems based at YouTube, but whoever can read a long, they have ten challenges you can do (or not). If I feel like it I might participate in it. I am undecided.

I found The Witchy Readathon (Dec. 13-19) for those with that inclination (though you don't have to read witchy things, you can read whatever). Over on tumbler there is the Not-so-national book reading month, which is probably one that fits me most of all since it's for the whole month, and the rules are basically "read." That's what I wanted, almost.

So that's some stuff you can do, or you can stick with me because I decided that I'd do my own thing too. It's essentially just "read" as well, but I thought I could use a couple of rules. Since I'm always going on about my TBR and now also that I haven't been reading this is my challenge:

Kill Your TBR December

  1. Read more than you did in November.
  2. Don't buy new books, read the ones you've got.

That's it. Real simple and fun right? The picture up there is the current state of my unread books, and then there's a few digital books as well...

If you want to join me in reading all the things in December, following my two very simple rules (or just ditching them and reading as you please) feel free to do so, sign up below so I can see!

#TBRDEC15 if you're on social media. 

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