Friday, 5 September 2014

Kristine's TBR #8: September 2014

Well look at that, the first Friday of another month, at least I remembered it this time. 

Last month there wasn't any difference between the piles, but THIS month there is! The inner pile is now taller than the outer pile. Huzzah! 

Books I read in August (all links to Goodreads):
That's five books. Woot! I've read a couple more in the few days between the first of the month and today too, and they're also missing from the picture above, but not included in the list. In case you were studying these things. 

I'm not sure what I will be reading in September, I'm not feeling like reading anything in particular right now, at least not from the piles, but I've picked a couple of books and then I know I'll be reading some stuff off my Kindle as I've got two books that I'm super exited about there right now. We'll see!

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