Friday, 30 May 2014

June reads!

In June we will be reading and hopefully enjoying Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, in addition we'll try to read  Freezer: The complete horror series by J. Joseph Wright. The latter we got for free as an ebook from amazon a while ago (via, so we have no hopes or expectations of that being particularly good, but it is about a cursed freezer. Yes, you read that right, a cursed freezer. We hope that it is funny and stuff, also a bit of a contrast to the main read.

Fangirl is our main pick and the one we have to read. We've diverted from the type of book we normally choose because we wanted something light and summery, and this promises to be totally adorable and a fast read. The story is about Cath who is a major fangirl, she lives, eats and breathes fandom (her fandom is Simon Snow, which as I understand it, has a lot in common with a wizard boy we're probably all familiar with...) and she's close to her twin sister, but then college happens and change is inevitable. 

Freezer is a book both Katastrofekat and I got for free it they sounded funny (but we're not delusional, free books are often crap), it is not free right now so purchase at your own risk. It's a bit of an alternative pick, that should contrast a lot from our main book!

There you have it, we'll (hopefully) do a google hangout at the end of the month, chatting about the book(s)! You can also (as always) join us on goodreads:

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