Friday, 18 April 2014

Come what May: Dracula

In May we decided to read a classic (apparently that's a thing for us, because last May we went for Lolita, which is also part of the western canon as it stands today) and this May we are going for Dracula, another horrifying tale (albeit for different reasons).

Bram Stoker's Dracula is told through letters and diary entries (and more I believe) from various characters' point of view, that together tell the story of a strange count, a wasting illness and death. I don't think the story needs further introduction. You would think we had already read it. We love horror. We love vampires. We really should have read it, and we have, but not in its original/full form. I've read an illustrated, shortened children's version, and of course, seen numerous versions in TV and film, sometimes the whole story, sometimes just characters thrown into something else (Dracula did show up in Buffy once, right?). Some good, some bad and some deliciously so.

So, in May we will flip our way through Dracula, and hopefully we won't be disappointed, or should I say that hopefully we won't be bored seeing as we know the story so well already.

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