Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The court of the air, review by Katastrofekat

First impression of the book was that this was going to be a heavy read and would probably take some time to finnish. It was hard to get a grip of the universe where the book takes place. We are thrown directly into the story and we didn't get to know anything about the backstory. We get introduced to the two main characters in the story, but we don't get to know a lot about them.

A few chapters into the book, the pace picked up and the story became more engaging. I really wanted to keep reading because I wanted to know what would happen next, but I still felt quite confused, as the rules of the universe are still being revealed.
The world was very different from what I was expecting. The world has a very complex political system and it is inhabited by many different creatures, but again we don't get any backstory for any of the creatures, so it is confusing. A lot of names and new words are throw our way, but since this book doesn't have a dictionary I felt like I had to guess what the author ment. There is also magic in the book, which I wouldn't have guessed going into it.

I think the story might have been good if it were written differently, but I have to say I find it a bit difficult to keep reading, as it feels like I'm constantly is getting hit with new facts. It actually feels like parts of the book smacks you in the face. I want to feel more submerged in the story, but so far I'm finding it hard as the story is so dense with facts and at the same time it's like I can't get my head around all the facts and make them fit together.
Also, there is no map in the book and that makes it hard to imagine how this world is built up. I really think the book would read a bit easier for me with a map.
I also think i find the story a bit slow because there is very little description in the book. Here we are, in a whole new univers with things that don't exist, but they aren't described so it is hard for me to imagine what things look like and thus get into the swing of the story. Also I felt like the book was kind of superficial, we never got to now how the characters felt about the things that was happening to them.

I really want to like the book, but it feels a bit like the way the book is written is fighting me.

When I start to get into the rhythm of the book and it feels like I'm finally understanding what the writer writes about, he skips to something else entirely and I feel just as lost once again.
Also, it kind of annoyed me that the book was named the Court of the Air, when the actual court of the air is only mentioned about ten times and we never get to know much about it.

I spent the last thirty pages of the book eagerly waiting for the last page, so I could put an end to the book by throwing it in the wall (and that is why I bought the pocket edition, and not the e-book).

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